Sunday, August 13, 2006


Ahh radiohead. Certainly in my top 5 bands of all time list. And last night I got to see them. But someone famous once said that writing about music is like dancing to architecture, so I'll spare you the emotional diatribe and just let those who know what I'm talking about imagine for themselves. If you are a radiohead fan and you have seen them live, I don't need to explain the magic to you. If you haven't seen them live or you haven't given them a listen, I recommend it. Even my mum likes them. Getting a spot in the photo pit was a lotto this time around. I got to go in during the third song. Many people with much bigger, more expensive cameras missed out.

Special moment: As the opening acoustic guitar bit of Street Spirit played, a low flying jumbo jet cut in and out of the clouds above. Really eerie to watch the lights blinking in and out as they past through the varying thicknesses of clouds. I'm getting shivers up my spine just thinking about it.

Afterwards I joined up with a Finnish radio journo and three French music press types I met earlier in the day and we made our way through a few of the dance stages, burning up the floor until the wee hours and buying rounds of nasty smelling shots for one another. I met a couple of guys from Adelaide (Modbury and Blackwood), who came to Australia in the 80s as Hungarian refugees and we chatted for a while about all things Oz. They were having fun exercising their fluent Hungarian combined with their Australian charm on the local ladies, and I got a little jealous that i too wasn't a Hungarian refugee when I was a kid. Some people have all the luck.
And it is good to hear that AC/DC is still used here in Hungary for sound check.


pippa said...

so jealous.

hmmm what was i doing last night? that's right, serving nasty smelling shots to drunken finns and aussies. so probably not that different from your evening.

have you tried the fisherman's friend liquor yet? It really is cough syrup that you're meant to get drunk on. I'm getting a sore throat at the moment, but two shots later (courtesy of generous customers) and there was no pain anymore.

Mike said...

/me weeps at the unfairness of not being there

ElmoreGirl said...

glad to hear they made it to the gig - after all the airport chaos

Sofia said...

HEY Dan! Haha so I am no a Finnish radiojourno ;)
Finally remembered you gave me that tiny piece of paper, your "businesscard". I'm back in Helsinki via Croatia. Liked lots of your Sziget pictures! You have a lot of talent, no problem for you becoming a photojournalist. If you make it to Dubrovnik in Croatia, do check out an awesome photoexhibition on women warphotographers! Dunno if it's still on but..Anyhows, I'm also on flickr..called budapestflickan. If u want to, email me some of the pictures you took during the wicked party party in the rain =) it's
Enjoy your world tour!
xx Sofia