Sunday, August 20, 2006

another reflection

Ok.. I'm sitting in a smokey, Counter Strike farm opposite the main train station here in Munich and I have found some nicely priced net time. Trouble is I have no way of uploading the photos I have left over from Frequency, so I'm just going to have to wait. I spent today looking at the bits of the Deutsches Museum I missed the first time around... and I still didn't see it all. But at least it kept me out of today's shitty weather, gave me a good walk and taught me how solar panels work.

I met a couple of delightful Irish girls on the train from Salzburg and after some chatting, they recommended I stay at their hostel. We met up later on, had a few laughs and ate some tasty German food at an old Munich brewery. I think I got Schnitzel poisoning and I didn't even order the schnitzel. I must have got it through osmosis from across the table. However, if you're in Munich, hunt down Augustiner Largerbeir Hell as it is quite delectable and relatively cheap. The side benefit of meeting these guys is I now have an invite to Dublin after Christmas in London. Nice.

You know that crazy cooking idea I detailed
here? Well, I have my first random dinner date this Wednesday night in Vienna and my host is so excited, she has invited a few friends around and it is looking as if it'll be a good old fashioned dinner party. I've suggested that everyone could bring a plate of something, but they don't need to as I'll still be doing the majority of the cooking. Not sure what I'll prepare yet, so I'm open to suggestions. It needs to be tasty, relatively cheap, vegetarian and feed about ten people. I'll be filming the results and uploading some edited highlights from the evening later in the week.

I owe you guys a wrap up of two music festivals, so I'll have a shot at typing those when I'm reunited with my laptop later this week. We might need some private time together first as it has been a while.


Clair said...

Hello there my aussie chum!

Missed you at breakfast this morning... mostly cause you dont live in my office!

Oh how odd is it to be back... Jen is on her way to Lichtenstein (prob there by now) whereas I am home and in work peddaling the muck we call CSI!

So dude it was really really great to meet you... the girls in the office are looking forward to meeting you! :) ;) :)

I've described you as funny, friendly and cute for a straight bloke.... they know this from me is high praise indeed... (well as high praise as you can get from a midget)


Looking forward to post christmas booze up!


Julea said...

What's better to make friends over than CORN CHIP SALAD!?!!
It has the power to firstly make people think you're crazy, but then realise that you're a genius for making such a flavourful dish.

The next best thing i can think of is peanut butter and banana on toast...[sigh] oh, how i miss bananas due to them now costing $13.99 a kilo...

Jules said... i spelt my name wrong on the last post - it wasn't just me trying to be original and cool...

dan murphy said...

Fucking hell!! You have one cyclone and it spoils everything. Still, if you eat too many bananas you get the shits, so it all evens out in the end.. so to say.

Corn Chip salad is the best.. What are the sauce and salad bits used, as I couldn't see what Anita was doing from my seat at the kids table.