Friday, August 25, 2006

The Great Australian Breakfast

My sister is the greatest.. and Craig isn't too far behind. I picked up my parcel that has been patiently waiting for me at the post office for the last week. I was expecting a tube of Vegemite and a cheesy letter, cheering me up with its familiar hand writing and we-both-know-what-we're-talking-about humor. What I got was the best thing since the automatic bread slicer. Two tubes of Vegemite, a packet of Tim Tams and Craig's old MP3 player chock full of classic Aussie music. Fucking nice one Bruvva. I've never been so happy to hear Powderfinger and Missy Higgins before.

Thanks guys..

You've really made my trip so much better. I can't wait to see Jo & Craig this December in London where I'll enjoy my first White Christmas and meet Craig's new niece. I wonder what the Russians made of the Vegemite I left on the train back in St Petersburg? Petra, who has been to Australia, has been eyeing off the Tim Tams all morning, and Irish Clair says that Tim Tam Slams are her fav.

Dinner with the creators of Cuntstunt. I promise I wont drink as much wine as I did at Wednesday's dinner party. I really didn't know I could drink that much without falling over. I think the last couple of weeks has increased my tolerance somewhat. But as every good Aussie knows, Vegemite makes a Fetzen (Austrian for hangover), go away nice and quickly. That and a meat pie, which, thankfully was not in the parcel.

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JO said...

Our pleasure little Mung Bean! We both know how important vegemite and music are when you live overseas. Mum use to send us the best care packages while we lived in Korea and being able to eat vegemite on toast in the morning made everything a lot less kimchi shaped.

I'm glad you like the cheesey tunes. I tried to get a CD with Aussie Rock from Kathy - you know the kind of classic songs like Khao San but she only had "Classic Aussie beer songs" which strangely enough didn't cut it.

Take care
love Jo and Craig ***