Sunday, August 20, 2006


Ok.. now I'm really missing my laptop. It's only been two weeks and I have had access to other computers along the way, but shit... I'm having withdrawals. But that's cool.. It didn't get smashed or stolen at the two music festivals I went to and is safely sitting on a shelf back in my room in Vienna. But now that I'm back in Munich, I want to go sit in my favorite wifi spot in the park and soak up some nerd time.

So just quickly, while I pay through the nose for this net time:

I lost my little note book at frequency, which I've been using to write down thoughts, band reviews and email addresses. If you're reading this and you gave me your email address at some crazy festival... I don't have it anymore. But you'll have mine, so email me.

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pippa said...

yeah, using other people's computers, however much they say "use this like it's your own" is just not the same.

only two days until Stubby's in town and only 5 days until I get to use Fighing Tiger without feeling like I used Stubby for his excess baggage limit.

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