Saturday, July 01, 2006

RIP - Mr Jobby

It is with great sorrow that I announce the passing of the infamous Mr Jobby. He was my sister's cat for the past 14 years, has lived through many different version of her life and seen Jo's life change in the most amazing ways. He suffered from skin cancer over the last 5 years, and late last year his kidneys began to fail. After extensive consultation with the local vet, the decision was made to have him put down. He was a fantastic cat, with such a beautiful personality (except around other cats) and was loved by many people. This is part of an email Jo sent me earlier today:

I have some sad news. Mr J passed away today. Sadly his cancer had eaten his nose up really badly and he was starting to get uncomfortable- sneezing and bleeding everywhere.His kidneys were stuffed as well and even his special diet made him vomit.

He had a lovely breakfast of fresh chicken breast and I held him as he went to sleep... It was a really hard decision but it was the right thing to do as he was in a bad way and I didn't want him to be in pain. I feel a kind of relief. I mean he has been going down hill all year and his right hand side of his nose was just an open wound and it was all eaten away.

Craig and I are both very upset and there were lots of tears at the vet and here but I on a deeper level we know it was the right thing to do.He was the best cat of all time - a legend! We have so many funny stories and I plan to write them down when it is not so raw and painful.He will be cremated and we will make a special shrine to him in one of his sunny places.


Mary Kost said...

Poor old Jobby, he will be sadly missed! :(

Derinda said...

Mr. Jobby has gone, but the legend lives on. Now he is free to vomit in Aquariums in heaven, and chase little kitten angels around, shouting "Lunch!", as well as scoffing as many prize bantum chickens (stolen from neighbours' gardens!) as he likes!

Mr. Jobby, we love you, and we'll be telling stories of your infamous behaviour for years to come.

ElmoreGirl said...

Dear Jobster was my houseguest for a total of about 18 months, first in 1996, then in 2000/01. He and Boris did not get along so well, but somehow they survived 14 of those months. The other time was before Boris was born, back in Harry's day. See more of Jobster at

Jo said...

An Irish Blessing for Mr Jobby - The most wonderful cat and friend of all time.

May the road rise up to meet you Mr Jobby,
May the wind be ever at your back
May the sun shine warm upon your face
And the rain fall softly on your fields
And until we meet again, May the Goddess hold you in the hollow of her hand, while we hold you in our hearts.

Loving you always

Jo and Craig