Friday, July 28, 2006


This place reminds me a bit of Federation Square in Melbourne, but with more people talking and less watching cricket on a big screen.

Had dinner with some fellow Couchsurfers the other night. A few Americans and a German, all crammed into Stefan's maze-like flat. On the way to the supermarket I slipped down his stairs and bashed my elbow trying to save my arse. Now I have a sore elbow. I've met several Americans while I've been travelling and have found that you can roughly gauge their political leanings by how long they are travelling for. But be careful about mentioning the war with a yank. It's kind of like asking an honors student what their thesis is about. After a while they get sick of talking about it and just end up biting your head off.

Yesterday I set myself the task of going out on a coffee house bender. Over a four hour period, I visited three cafes and consumed 2 coffees at each venue. I caught up on some English newspapers (Never realised how bad The Times really is before), learn about the 12 or so varieties of Viennese coffee and temporarily change my brain chemistry. What was cool is that I ran into one of the photographers I met at the NUKE festival and we had a drink together. But by that stage the excessive amounts of coffee had turned my brain to mush and the conversation fell into a surreal discussion about whether or not the celebration of the mundane through photography could be considered art. By the end of it, the caffeine was making me feel a bit anxious and I ended up going home and reading the first two chapters of Lord of the Flies, one of the few English books in the house I'm staying at. Oh man, the TV series Lost has a lot to answer for. Which reminds me.. When does the new season start? I'm hanging to find out if The Others are actually aliens with four toes and how did Desmond's rich lady friend know where (and how), to look for him.

Today is an action packed megamix of fun. After bumming around the house for a bit I plan to go to the Leopold Museum (A few nice Klimts are kept there), then head to a Couchsurfing BBQ (with no actual BBQ), then to night skating (where the police close off a few roads in the centre of town and let people skate on them), and finishing up the night at club called Ickemicke for some electro dancing. I plan to pull out The Robot at some stage, so wish me luck.

Tomorrow morning is the Naschmarket, with its food stalls and flea market goodness. Greasy breakfast will be consumed, so join us if you're in the neighbourhood.

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Eleanora Martinez said...

My sources tell me that LOST will resume TV airings in the USA in September. So far away . . .
BTW don't we all think that Desmond is dead though? How could they possible plausibly pull him out of that one? But then again when did plausibility ever future much in LOST?
Hope the Robot went down - I'm a big fan of the shopping trolley and wheel barrow - always good for a laugh o(^ゥ^)o