Friday, June 16, 2006

World Cup crayz

A famous man once said:

'thez got the same stuff in Europe, but it's that little different'. Well I'm not John Travolta and this isn't a gangster movie. Have zou ever driven a European car and discovered the controls for the blinkers and wipers are on different sides to a true blue Holden? This is because when the cars are made, the manufactures just use the same parts but in different places, pazing no attention to the Australian waz of doing things. Ok, Germanz maz not call a quarter pounder a 'rozale with cheese', but thez do have a bunch of European cars here (funnz that).

Todaz I was riding around on a bike provided bz mz couchsurfing host's little brother. He's a bit of a social-phobic nerd and plazs counter strike and World of Warcraft all daz, so he hasn't missed it. It is a little rustz, but it's free and appreciated. So I'm riding around Frankfurt and get cut off bz a car. This makes me hit the brakes hard, but as with the blinkers/wipers mentioned earlier, the front and rear breaks are swaped around. This mistake make me put more break on the front than the back and causes the bike to perform what the pros call an 'endo'. I endo-ed right onto the bonnet of a Mercedes taxi (thez're not that flash), and I proceded to shout all the bad German words I know at the driver.

So thez do it differentlz here. Oh and the 'Y' and the 'Z' kezs are swapped on a German kezboard.


pipstar said...

i'm so glad that you're safe even if you are doing "endos" over taxi bonnets.

Kathy said...

Dan, I hope you didn't get hurt physically and here most people would be worrying if you hit a Merc, how was the Merc and how much was it going to set you back?

Take care

ElmoreGirl said...

Cheers Dan,
what's happened to the post?
Can't see the text any more.

I'm loving the photos on flickr