Tuesday, June 20, 2006

it's the same everywhere*

I love how when there is a big public celebration (new year's eve, grand finals and the like), drunken members of the community find a police officer and make them smile.

Why wait until your drunk? Go make one smile today.

In other news:

I've created bike out of bits of lesser bicycles. I shall call it Bike-enstein. Photos of how I created this monster should follow soon, but it involved half a day of hunting around U-bahn stops and University accommodation to find the leftovers of mangled, unloved bikes, that have good bits still attached. I am now mobile and can easily navigate my way around Munich. I had to buy a new rear tire for it, but that only set me back 7 Euro. It is my plan to keep making Bike-enstein stronger, faster, better. Then I will ride it out of town and onto some other fantastic European land.

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