Saturday, June 24, 2006

Hiro is my Hero - Part II

Hiro is travelling around the world. He has about the same stuff as me, but in a much better suited bag. He has been travelling for a year and a half and has seen most of South east Asia, South America and Europe. He has come to Germany to cheer on the Japanese soccer team, who as of tonight are now out of the World Cup. The magic about meeting Japanese people on the road isn't the chance to mangle the Japanese language in front of a native, but to experience their some what magic ability to make something tasty out of almost nothing. I experienced this in Irkurst, Russia with a girl (sorry i forgot your name), from Japan who whipped up a pretty mean potato and something dish for us to share. Here in Munich, Hiro managed to produce a sausage and pasta dish, that from the outset sounded pretty basic. But once served, it was not only really tasty but well presented, making it a rather gor-met experience.

Hiro is staying with Audrey, an American girl studying here in Munich, who on the basis of an hours long conversation let me (and Hiro), take over her room at the university dormitory while she stayed with her gentleman caller. And by that she means sleep at the house of but not sleep with said gentleman caller. Yeah, I don't understand it either. Thanks Audrey. You've made Germany a much better place for me.

Oh and the "Hiro is my Hero" reference was the random guy I met in Tokyo who let me join him and his friends at an all night Karaoke fest, then offered me his couch. Forget the museums, public squares and monuments to dead soldiers whose horse's feet tell the story of how they died, and testicles that express jealousy towards an unfaithful lover (email me if you want this explained). it's the people you meet and the unique interaction you have with them that makes a trip a journey.

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