Thursday, August 02, 2007

happiness come from the achievement of goals

When you're going to take over the world, you need to have the best help you can get.

Mr Toop arrived a couple of days ago bringing much needed wind to my sails. No Farmers Union Iced Coffee though. So far I've shown him Vienna (my adopted city), Berndorf (the village that adopted me), and tomorrow we head east along the Danube to soak in some post-soviet hospitality. We will be bouncing around Hungary, Serbia, Slovakia and Czech for the next couple of weeks. If you're in the blast radius, I encourage you to join us.


jules said...

oh dear! world domination is only a step away now.

im in edinburgh. the fringe is on and there are people EVERYWHERE...when just about 4 days ago the streets were virtually empty. man, i love scotland.

in london i bumped into darren leach and marina (seperately). freaked me out to see both...especially just bumping into them. (i knew marina was here, but hadnt actually contacted her to catch up yet)


Ashley said...

hey, seeing as youre the world traveller and all, any suggestions as to where in europe i should go in january, given that i dont do snow sports... i dont mind snow, as long as its not too cold to leave the house.... any thoughts???

danuta said...

Wow, Bratislava, castles in SLOVENIA,trains to Budapest! Yep, conquering the world all right!!
And I reckon they are lovin' it.
Keep up the amazing reports, if you could only see the looks on the faces of ppl at home........(sigh...)Danuta xxx

pipst*r said...

wow. confusion machine's family vacation. watch out europe.