Monday, July 30, 2007

where has the writing gone?

Honestly.. It's not all Facebook.

I realised in the mountains, that while I had access to the internet on someone else's computer, whenever I sat down with my own computer, writing wasn't the first thing that I wanted to do. A few weeks back, I fixed a problem with my laptop that has prevented me from doing any complicated video editing for the last 6 months. Now after busting out a few videos recently, I've picked up a nasty habit of editing whenever I get a spare moment between the doing the travel thing. So to sum up.. Currently, I'm more compelled to play with videos than to write. I feel kinda weird about neglecting the writing side of things, but seeing as there is no rule book to being creative (what an incredibly wanky thing to say), I'm going to strike while the iron's hot. Once the writing thing comes back to me, I will fill in the gaps.

Thanks to Martina (and friends), for a wonderfully colourful and entertaining 10 days in Graz and the Tyrolean Alps. It was also fun to randomly catch up with Rodney and go hiking through the mountains with a fellow gentleman. I am now in Vienna awaiting the arrival of the next chapter of the journey. Time to practice the In Time/Through Time dance moves.

1 comment:

Martina said...

Thanks to YOU ;-)
that u had time for graz, the alps, vienna and cowvillage ;-)