Tuesday, April 12, 2005

shook me until 5am

Day 2 - Ueno, Asakusa and Ichigaya

These were some notes I made when the western songs stopped and the japanese songs began at around 3am at karaoke.

Day 2 - Ueno, Asakusa and Ichigaya

Getting up and watching tv at the capsule hotel.

Buying a banana. $2 each. Individually wrapped.

Walking over to Shibuya station.

Making my way to Ueno

Meeting Ayako, Hiro, Ai and Akira.

Get off at Akihabara station and transferring to another train.

Having lunch at sushi place.

Getting a tour of a quite cherry blossom area.

Having coffee

Tour of small temple.

Back to train station

Leave group and venture to Akihabara then transfer to Ueno

Walk thru huge crowds of people around lake and cherry blossom.

Eat hello kitty and derimon moulded treats.

Have rice bun with sauce

Calling Hiroshi to catch up with the gang.

Getting lost for two and a half hours

Finding the gang

Eating food

Tackling Japanese toilet

Getting to Nishi-Kasai

Going to Karaoke

Singing badly until 5am

Walking to Hiroshi'€™s place/shoe box

Begin to hold deeper understanding of Japanese people.

Home is for sleep and washing, not filling up with crap you don'€™t need.

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