Tuesday, April 12, 2005

capsule hotel

Day 5 - Mr Oliver and Noborito

Sorry - I seem to have condensed my journal into one document for a few days. But here's day 5

Woke up late at Capsule hotel. Missed opportunity for shower. I'€™m a Stupid Gaijin. Shooed out by owner.

Killed some time at Shinjuku

Caught up with Mr Oliver - met at Hachiko statue in Shibuya

Went for food - All you can eat Japanese pizza, which has as many hits as there are misses.

Back to Ollie's at Noborito - The Davron Park of Tokyo without the scumbags. Full of Gaijin ESL teachers. Americans, Canadians, English, Scottish, Australian, Kiwi. Pretty much every native speaking English country represented. Except South Africa as someone pointed out later on.

Went for dinner in Shinjuku and to meet Chris, who has been living here for two years. Great guy who I can vaguely remember from Adelaide. We had a few things in common which made for interesting discussion. Chris has a Japanese girlfriend and has just moved in with her. Ollie doesn'€™t like this because it means he gets to see less of Chris, which from what I can tell he is pretty close to. Chris'€™ girlfriend was still shitty at him for going out drinking rather than spending the night with her a week or two ago. A little over the top at first, but then he told us it was her birthday. A no-no in any language.

63,000 yen taxi ride ($720) to the beach
Renting etiquette in Japan – (2 months bond, 1 months rent, Key money and “thank you” money - aka "€œfuck you" money)

Said goodbye to Chris and went back to Noborito. First sardine like experience on train. Ollie informs me that it gets much worse. As in Salary Men pushed up against the windows. A smart guy was riding in between the carriages and therefore avoided the crush, allowing him to quietly playing his PSP, with another guy playing his DS next to him. Man I wish I had my camera.

Got back to Noborito and sat up until about 1:30 talking ESL with the other people in the Gaijin house. Heard some funny stories about teaching English in Japan from all the teachers. Has made me want to do work here more. Just need

My town has lots of Cancer. I like to eat cancer. - ask me about this story

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