Wednesday, January 03, 2007


Cripes.. I have butterflies about this year. I have had such a good couple of weeks, the dark chasm of unknown which is 2007 excites me rather than phases me - for the time being at least.

At first, I didn't think much of it, but now I'm starting to get London. It has taken a little while to warm to it, but I think after a few more visits it'll be somewhere where I really like.

Today I rode about 15 miles from Camden to Balham and visited a whole bunch of places in between, listening to the Beatles love album, INXS kicks and the Bladerunner soundtrack. I saw Harrods (the outside), the British Museum (which holds the loot from several centuries of ransacking other countries), and the Australian War memorial (a very nice tribute to England killing off our grandads). As I crossed the Thames in the dark, I saw off in the distance the Battersea Power Station, probably my favourite building in the world and will be checking it out over the coming days.

The coolest part about being is England is that I can pull up on a street somewhere or go into a shop and strike up an interesting conversation with anyone, without the need to use crazy hand gestures or convoluted charades to establish basic principles.

I think I've solved the issues I was having with my computer, but everyone keep their voodoo dolls at the ready in case it has a relapse.

I'm now staying down South for a couple of days so I can get an idea of southern London. I wonder if I'll meet a Womble?

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Anonymous said...

Madeleine and I have caught your cold and wonder if you can steal us a loaf of bread for the soup we might need you to make? Another free ticket to oz for that maybe? Bobster said to me yesterday, 'If you speak to Dave, tell him I'm sorry I missed him at the Natural History Museum, I ran out of time...'