Tuesday, January 30, 2007

¿new cuban?

I´m in Cuba.

Came as a surprise to me too.

the internet (and the state sanctioned computers it runs on), is dead slow, expensive and prevents reliable and consistent means of contact with the outside world. But hey, who said anything about thought police?

Hey... Outside world... What´s going on with Fidel?

I´ve seen Havana, Vinales, Remidios and now I´m in Santa Clara. In a couple of days I´ll head down to Trinidad and then keep heading east until I hit Guantanamo (no, not the naval base).

Photos and video are looking great. Will upload when I get the chance.


jo said...

Great to hear you are OK.

of love


Anonymous said...

great!!! u are in cuba!!! have fun. greetings from the hirschengasse. your bike is doing a good job! ;-)