Monday, December 11, 2006


After almost 3 months riding around Slovakia and Hungary, I'm back in Austria. It's strange to feel so at home in a place that isn't my own country. The weather here is unseasonably warm, with none of the snow I was promised three months ago. When I got into Vienna, I dumped my stuff at Hirschengasse and headed to MQ to kill some time before the others got back. Where I found the big red blocks which had been used as seats in summer had been stacked on top of each other and turned into a bar serving hot wine and Schnapps. Then I met up with the Hospitality Club member I organised to stay with before the Hirschengasse kids offered their couch.

Now I'm in Berndorf hanging out with the Wildberger, the family which adopted me on my first ride through Austria. Yesterday, Paul took me to the nearby driver training course where I got to drive the family's Nissan around the course. Last night we cooked up a big soup and Clara invited a few friends around. Much laughs were had.

This afternoon, I head back to Vienna to hang out with the Hirschengasse household.

Did you know that Margaret Thatcher is partly responsible for modern Ice Cream?

A video for Austria


Anonymous said...

Re Thatcher : The Ice Cream connection -
Was it because her father was a grocer ?
I do know she lerved Pinochet - long may he burn in hell. No ice cream there.


gubi said...

Nice to hear that you are back in Austria.
I was at the MQ-christmasmarket at Thursday to drink some Punsch and Schnaps ;) - (they also have the FM4 desk-calendar (where my pic is into)in the Shop there).
I'll be in Vienna tomorrow (Tue) to get some information according studying and will have some time afterwards at around 8pm. If you are in Vienna feel free to contact me (mail, phone)! We can go for a Punsch or Schnaps or Glühwein or similar beverages....