Saturday, December 16, 2006

city limits


Big place. Rode a bike I borrowed from Melissa (Craig's sister), to the centre and then around the some of the more famous bits. Surprisingly I felt pretty safe on the roads, but it has been weird swapping back to the left hand side, and I think I pissed a few drivers off with my occasional hesitation.

Big Ben really isn't that big and Westminster seems tiny after Budapest's Parliament. But it's still fairly impressive. The Eye looks cool, but at 20 pound a shot and an hour long wait, I decided against it. I accidentally on purpose found my way onto a guided tour of The Globe, where I got to see where the great unwashed stood. I spent an hour or so riding around the Thames, checking out a few of the little back alleys and side streets. Then I spent the rest of the afternoon at the Tate Modern (having a little unexpected nap on the couches), which I reckon I'll be returning to a few times while I'm here. There's plenty I didn't get a chance to look at, and besides, I've still got to have a turn on the slides.

As expected, prices are at the least double of what they are in Australia, and in some cases four times the price. However, after spending three months in Hungary, where everything is half to a third of the price, the equilibrium of financial karma is catching up.

The weather is scarily beautiful. It's cool but not cold and today there are blue skies and bright sunshine. A nice day to go to the Camden Markets.


evan said...

hello dan!

i was trying to find your email address so i could ask you whether you were still going to London and when you were going to be there. i'm giving some academic papers there in february. but it already seems you are there.

i really recommend you going to bookmarks on bloomsbury rd - the greatest book store ever.

and the intrepid fox on wardour st is the greatest goth pub ever.

anymore things you want to know about, gimme an email.


Anonymous said...

i second the intrepid fox, but i would argue that arthurs in covent garden knocks bookmarks into a cocked hat.

The Intrepid Fox said...

Fuck me! I've been closed down.