Friday, September 15, 2006

Time to leave Austria

Daham = local colloquialism for "Austria. My Home. My Castle"
Statt = Instead
Islam = you get the idea

The Austrian federal elections are happening in about three weeks and these posters have just started popping up at bus stops and car parks. This is the only poster for the FRO Party that doesn't feature the blue eyed, white teethed F├╝hrer smiling back at you. Apparently he's popular with the older ladies "oh, he's so handsome. I'd like my daughter to marry him" and all the 'good old days' set. My sign and signifier spidey sensors tell me that this guy is not to be trusted. But at least they're being honest about being bigots, unlike some of the slippery political fuckers back at home. Time to sit back and enjoy the wonders of uninformed consent democracy at work. Again.

In a few hours I jump on a train to Bratislava to spend a few days wondering around a city that until recently I thought was a country in its own right. Then next week I head to Budapest for a bit and then south to Serbia, Bosnia and Croatia. Doubt I'll see many of these posters down in that neck of the woods. In the first week of October, I'll return to Vienna briefly to pick up Frankenbike and trailer, and then I'll head east again, probably starting with the Democratic Republic of Bratislava.

My Leatherman broke the other day, so I've dropped it in to be repaired/replaced under its 25 year warranty. The guy said it would be ready today, but I'm still waiting for the phone call. I get the feeling I might be leaving home without it.

In other news, new TV on the Radio stuff is floating about the place. Haven't had a chance to give it a proper listen yet, but apparently one of the guys is producing the new Massive Attack album. Hmmm.. May make for an interesting mix.
If you're up for wasting some time (and bandwidth), check out Robot Chicken. These is another bunch of dodgy phone videos are up on the more fab things links page and I have recently acquired some super crazy camera tech lust.


tartine said...

uber affen gell indeed my friend.
come to lovely sarajevo! i cannot offer you a room, but i can offer you some sketch. but bosnia-herzegovina has a strict 'no ferals' policy these days, so the bike might not get in.

Anonymous said...

I've just been visiting Austria, too, and I wondered what these meant. I figured they could be very positive towards Islam, anyway.

But to the point: Thanks for translating.