Sunday, September 03, 2006

outside the apartment

Sorry for the last thesis-like post. As you could imagine, I've had a few things on my mind lately.

After driving the 300-something-km from Vienna and getting a stamp in "Hate", I arrived in Prague on Friday evening and met up with Adelaide celebrity Martine. After the hugs and obligitory exchanges of "mate", we dumped my stuff at her place and proceeded to closest drinking establishment post haste. We discussed the pleasantries of genocide and A-town gossip, and after about 30 minutes Martine finally addressed the white elephant sitting opposite us:

Martine: So.. How was your week?
Dan: Three beers please.. Sorry. Did you want anything?

By the end of the night our conversations consisted only of the words "yeah. nah. fuckin." with both of us enjoying our hammed up pretend Australian drawl. There was a few moments of weirdness at the place we were at.
  • A little dog with a manky leg, who bit Martine and growled at me when I tried to help it jump off the seat
  • The British guys with their bizarre homoerotic punching game who got kicked out 5 minutes after we escaped to the back room
  • The Iggy Pop of Prague who painted on Martine's face and then asked us to paint on his
  • The Czech girl who invited us to her 21st birthday through some convoluted theory on premature menopause (what is it when your periods stop?)
Martine has been good value. Not only has she offered an ear for my troubles, but I haven't had to stop and explain what a TAB, Minda, checkout chicks or "The Hills" is/are every five minutes. It's also good to have someone around to say: "here, look. I did write it."

In other news, this is cool and so is this.


ann said...

Sorry Dan, but I think you'll find that expression is spelt thusly:




Yours sincerely,
Concerned, ex of Adelaide.

Clair said...

Yeah map is cool!
But im a big nerd
- for "big" read 5ft!

So tired!... liver had warning "over heat" at the weekend.. need to stop living like im on holiday! :)

love the panoramic view of prague... i stood exactly there and saw exactly that... thanks for taking the photo i should have!

your irish chum


Anonymous said...

Ive been checking out the blogs & snaps... Youve covered a lot of territory mate... Your quads must be rivaling Florence Grifith Joiner's by now!

Luke & I think that snowboarding in Iran sounds like a good plan...

Luke was worries about it being dangerous, but I assured him that he was now a very capable boarder and had nothing to worry about!

Dave B