Thursday, March 09, 2006

So very tired.

It's got to the point of where Luke and I don't say anything to each other on the lift. Not that we're sick of each other, we're just that tired. Strange when your entire day's conversation consists of:

"which way do you want to go?"
"where do you want to meet?"
"did you see that *insert stupid injury risking snowboarding thing here*?"
"that run was totally awesome"
"I'm fucked"
"where do you want to eat lunch/tonight?"

Basically, things have become rather primal. We both smell a bit. We spend all day traversing moutains and hunting down vending machine food. you know, cave man stuff.

then there's nightboarding. and it's exactly that. for every skier, there is at least 20 boarders.

now for a little rest, some dinner and then a few rounds of boarding under the lights.

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pipst*r said...

I imagine that in a couple of weeks, the situation may be the same for you and me. Though with less vending machine and snow boarding.

And no Luke. I realised that I didn't get to give him a hug before he went to Japan. I probably won't see him for aaaaages.