Thursday, February 02, 2006

ok.. So I'm about to take off on my version of the 'journey of a lifetime' trips.

On Sunday I head to Japan for a couple of weeks of snowboarding in Niseko, with about ten other friends. I come back to Adelaide to work at the fringe and divide my life into boxes which will be stored at various locations around this fine land. Then I return to Japan for another round of snowing, and on the way back, deliberately miss my flight from Osaka to Cains and catch a ferry to Shanghai China. From there I'm looking at spending a couple of months in China with my lady friend and then moving onto Mongolia and Russia for a bit. We're aiming to be in Germany by the time the World Cup rolls through, so I think Eastern Europe and the 'Stans will fit in between now and then.

and it almost didn't happen. read the story here.

Thankfully I received my passport and $10 change from the Chinese Embassy on Tuesday, so my freak out and festering anger amounted to nothing in the end. And today I got back an email from the Shanghai Ferry company confirming a booking on the 2 day sea journey that will transport me to China.

Map of Japanese Ferry Routes
Anyway, with the packing up my life, if I've lent anyone anything I'm offering an armistices.

Stuff I don't remember who I lent it to:
Michel Gondry DVD
Spike Jonez DVD

not sure what else I'm missing, but it can't be that important as I can't remember.

If anyone wishes to take ownership of any of my things, let me know.

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