Saturday, November 05, 2005

my videos

HDV travel stuff
Blue skies of Mongolia - an alternative cut of the Mongolia video avi
Fulham vs Middlesbrough - an evening at the football avi
An'nupuri Didge - Niseko snowboarding clips
Chinese TV - a collection of clips recorded from Chinese TV
A video for Austria - Every photo I took in Austria in 3 minutes
The Biggest Jar of Nutella - @ Julianna's place, Budapest
Budapest October 23 - something slow
bikes in Budapest - Protestors in Budapest
after the tear gas - Budapest
Trabant - Hungary
Mongolia - travelling in Mongolia
Stayin Alive - Cycling between Berndorf & Bratislava
Austria - Bike cam through Linz
China - coffee made in hutong - Beijing
China - tea - Beijing

phone videos
Germany - Swing in Munich
Japan - didgeridoo
Japan - in the Gondala
Japan - Kansai airport
Japan - Dan Murphy has a beard
Japan - on the bus
Japan - on the bus again
Japan - Sapporo Airport
Japan - Snow storm at Niseko
Russia - the trans siberian railway
Adelaide - Turd Rub
Adelaide - Old classroom
Adelaide - Red Square
Adelaide - Donny - The musical
Germany - a band on the train

Germany - autobahn - Frankfurt to Munich
Germany - Bolivian Street Kids
- Frankfurt
Japan - the coldest dog in the world

Japan - Snowboarding

Japan - Tyco Drumming video game

Finland - Dancing

Adelaide - Spin
Mongolia - das ist gut

Phony - a parody of the Sony Bravia commercial

other stuff
radiohead vs Mayor McCheese
White Fear - Adelaide Uni
LeighStarDust - 'They Make Good Pets' (But I Don't Have One)


Anonymous said...

your videos suck.

cpod said...

Fuck that! there's some jewels in there I tells ya...

Anonymous said...

Hey Dan, fFish and I were in London NYE too! I found your site looking for alcohol at Dan Murphy's bottle shop.
He's gonna e-mail you with news.
Nice videos - esp. the crazy swing set up.